Challenge Tip: Do It With a Friend

One of the best ways to do this challenge, and ensure that you’ll enjoy yourself and complete the challenge, is to convince someone else to join with you.

We suggest you ask your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend or another close friend who you think would do it with you, a close family member like a sibling or parent, anyone else you think would have fun doing this with you.

Why is this important?

  1. You don’t feel alone — having company makes it a better experience.
  2. You are accountable to someone else going through the same experience.
  3. You can talk to each other about obstacles you face and solutions.
  4. You can share your successes with someone else who cares.

It’s an entirely different experience with someone you care about. Or multiple people!

How do you convince someone to do this with you? A couple ideas:

  1. Sometimes people respond to challenging them: “Think you’re up for a 7-day vegan challenge with me?” If your friend/spouse/family member loves doing challenges, this might be the way to go.
  2. Others don’t like to be pushed. So a better approach is to tell them about something cool you read about, and why it sounds like a good idea and what appeals to you, and then say you’re thinking about it. Ask what they think, and whether they’d be interested in doing it with you. This can be a persuasive approach.

Whatever your approach, see if you can get at least one person to do it with you, even if it’s just a Facebook friend or blog follower or someone you meet on an online forum. You’ll love the challenge even more.