How to Stick to the Challenge

By Leo Babauta

Seven days is a breeze, and doing this challenge should be easy. However, I’ve learned a few things about sticking to new habits, and have some suggestions for making this stick:

  1. Make a big public commitment. The more you commit, the more likely you’ll stick to it. You won’t want to look like a wimp in front of the world.
  2. Report to people daily. Whether you report on Day 1 of your challenge on Facebook or Twitter, or to a small group of people in email, or on you blog … be accountable. Knowing that you have to report each day makes you more likely to stick to the challenge.
  3. Enjoy yourself. Don’t look at this like a sacrifice, suffering, or something really difficult. It’s fun! It’s delicious. It’s a great way to explore some new food. It feels good to be more compassionate.
  4. Read about the whys. Each day, do a little reading about why it’s good to be vegan (see the Guide for more, or read other sites). The more you understand the why, the more likely you’ll be motivated to do it.
  5. Make it social. Doing this challenge with others is an amazing way to make it more fun, and makes you more likely to want to keep doing it. Do it with a friend, or your family, or a group of people. Join the forum and report on there daily. Find vegan forums online and talk about your new changes and challenges.
  6. Reward yourself. You’re doing something good for yourself, for animals, for the planet. Reward yourself with a vegan treat now and then. I’m partial to vegan cupcakes.