Challenge Tip: Think Ahead

By Leo Babauta

One of the best ways to succeed in this challenge (and as a vegan in general) is to think ahead.

For example, if you’re going to go out to a restaurant with friends, think about what they might have at the restaurant that you can eat. Some restaurants will be easier than others. Sometimes you can even check their menu online, or look the restaurant up on Happy Cow.

If you’re going to a get-together with family or friends at someone’s house, think about what they might serve — you might even ask the host beforehand. A good idea is to offer to bring something you can eat, so they don’t have the burden of figuring out what to serve you. Even picking up a ready-made vegan dish at the grocery store can be a good option.

If there’s going to be a social event at work, what can you eat? Should you bring something you can eat?

If you’re going to be traveling, look up some vegan options in the city you’ll be visiting.

After awhile, this kind of thing becomes second nature. But it should be done consciously at first — in this week-long challenge, keep it in mind each day and you’ll do much better.