How to Choose a Meal Plan

By Leo Babauta

We have several meal plans prepared for you on this site, and choosing one might be a bit confusing for some.

How do you choose between the meal plans?

Take a look at the meal plans we have, and think about which is right for you based on whether they:

  1. have foods you already like, or that you think you’d like to try
  2. are within the grasp of your cooking abilities
  3. look easy or enticing to try during this challenge

If the recipes look like something you’d turn your nose up at, or too difficult for you to attempt, try a different meal plan.

Also free free to substitute any of the recipes on this page in the meal plan you choose, or find a recipe elsewhere on the web or in a vegan cookbook and use that in any of the meal plans. None of this is set in stone.

Finally, always feel free to buy some vegan convenience food, or eat out at a restaurant, instead of cooking if that makes the challenge easier for you.

Take a look at the meal plans we have, along with those created by others: